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A Review: "Waves of Mercy" by Lynn Austin

When asked by her son, Geesje de Jonge begins to write her memoirs for her town's Semi-Centennial celebration. She sifts through pieces of the past, starting with emigrating to Michigan from the Netherlands fifty years earlier. Reliving her memories of the regrets, hardships, grief, and joys of the past helps her to see just how God has proven to be with her time and again, as well as giving her a unique way to help out a young woman from a nearby hotel who is struggling with similar issues to Geesje's from years ago.

I have loved Lynn Austin's books for years and found with this latest novel that she is still a stellar writer. Her ability to weave together a complex story and intertwine the lives of seemingly unconnected people is incredible. I appreciated the depth of the characters and the details of the stories. The overarching themes of choosing to love in marriage and of never being left alone by God shine through this novel. I got to the end of it wishing for more--…