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A Review: "The Red Door Inn" by Liz Johnson

"The Red Door Inn" by Liz Johnson is the first in the "Prince Edward Island Dreams" series. Marie Carrington flees to Prince Edward Island to escape a personal trauma. She encounters widower Jack Sloane on the boat and is invited to help him decorate his new bed and breakfast. Upon arriving, she meets Seth Sloane, his nephew, who moved to the island in order to help renovate the inn and forget about the fiancee who nearly ruined his life.

The trio work hard to establish this new bed and breakfast, while each works through personal pain from their pasts. At first, Seth cannot understand why his uncle brought in this young woman who seems to need more just a job and a roof over her head. Marie can't understand why Seth has a tendency toward gruffness and near animosity toward her. Only after they spend more time together and begin to reveal portions of their stories do they come to understand the layers underneath the initial appearances.

The theme of redemption …