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Quick Lit: July 2015

I'm linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy for this month's quick lit, where I share short and sweet reviews of a few books I've read in the past month. You can also find me over at Goodreads if you are interested in other books I've read or reviewed.

"Those Who Save Us" by Jenna Blum:  A brilliant debut novel that tells the story of Anna and her daughter Trudie. Anna is a young German woman who lives through the horrors of Nazi Germany. For fifty years, she refuses to share about that part of her life and all that was necessary for her (and her daughter's) survival. Fifty years later, Trudie is a professor of German history embarking on a research project in an attempt to understand what life was like for Germans under Nazi reign. She uncovers more than she bargained for. A fantastic, sobering look at life for Germans during Hitler's years of power. There is a fair bit of sex and some graphic violence as well, so be prepared.

"Nobody's Cuter Than…