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A Review: "The Wall Around Your Heart" by Mary DeMuth

When others hurt us, it's so easy to put up walls to keep from getting hurt. But those walls do more than just keep others out; it keeps our pain and hurt inside, allowing it to poison our own souls. In "The Wall Around Your Heart", author Mary DeMuth breaks down the Lord's Prayer and explores how each statement can be used as a prayer for healing from hurt and broken relationships. A fabulous mix of personal insights and solid Scriptural teaching, DeMuth leads us on a profound and challenging journey to healing and wholeness.

She examines how the walls we build affect other people, as well as our relationship with God. She invites us to ask God in to these broken places in our lives and urges us to allow Him to do His work in our lives to bring about the healing that we just can't do on our own.

As I was reading this book, I was struck by the simplicity of some of the ideas (example:  God loves me, but He also loves the ones who hurt me) and just how impactful t…