Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Review: "Song of My Heart" by Kim Vogel Sawyer

"Song of My Heart" by Kim Vogel Sawyer features the story of a young woman named Sadie Wagner. Her stepfather is badly injured and unable to work to provide for the family. Twenty-two year old Sadie hears of a job opportunity available in Goldtree, Kansas. Her desire for work to help her family compels her to relocate from their home in Dalton, Indiana, to Goldtree, where she knows no one except for her cousin, Sid. Sadie soon finds herself caught up in a complicated romantic quandary with two young men vying for her affection. She quickly settles in to her employment, one job working as a clerk in the local mercantile and the other as a singer in the "opera house". Sadie bonds with her mercantile employers, twin sisters Melva and Shelva who quickly grow to love their new employee. Her opera house boss, Asa Baxter, brother to the twins, quickly proves to be manipulative and unscrupulous in his quest to earn money and shed a past nickname. 

Thad McKane, the town sheriff, was hired specifically to deal with rumors of bootlegging. He and Sadie develop a beautiful friendship which turns complicated as Asa asks Sadie to compromise her beliefs in order to further his monetary gain. Eventually all is worked out and Sadie is free to be with her true love.

The main characters were likeable and the story flowed well. It was an enjoyable, light read, albeit a bit predictable. I appreciated Sadie's desire to help with providing for her family. Her strength and resolve to move many miles away deepened that appreciation. Both Thad and Sadie learned and grew much through their experiences. In the end, they both had a great awakening to the grace and mercy of Christ which transformed them and prepared them for the future that lay ahead for them.

(I’ve received this complimentary book from Bethany House Publishers through the Book Blogger program in exchange for a review. A positive review was not required and the views expressed in my review are strictly my own.)

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