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A Review: "Nearing Home" by Billy Graham

"Someday our life's journey will be over. In a sense we are all nearing home. As we do so, I pray that you and I may not only learn what it means to grow older but, with God's help, also learn to grow older with grace and find the guidance needed to finish well." --Billy Graham
Billy Graham is a man full of wisdom gained from 93 years of life experience and nearly as many years of Bible study and training. This book is a collection of his thoughts on growing older, on preparing for our eternal home, and how to finish life well. Although it is geared for people entering the autumn and winter seasons of their lives, there are so many sections that are appropriate for people of all ages. I found there were many things I could and should be applying to my own life now, well before reaching old age. My two personal favorite chapters were focused on laying a good foundation in your life, built on Christ our Solid Rock, and strengthening our roots by diving in to the Word …