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A Review: "Vanishing Grace" by Philip Yancey

Presented as a follow-up to "What's So Amazing About Grace", Yancey returns to the subject of grace in his newest book "Vanishing Grace". In four sections, he confronts the issue of why, since we have such good news to proclaim, Christians continue to lose influence and credibility among the culture at large.

This book helps Christians to confront where we have collectively gone wrong with our approach to culture in general and non-believers in specific. The first section looks at how the Church has failed to demonstrate love and grace to those who need it most. The second section examines three models of ways to approach love and grace better. The third section takes a look at three pressing questions:  is there anyone else? why are we here? how should we live? The fourth section addresses how the Church should engage with our culture.

While the book as a whole was deep and thought-provoking, it was the fourth section that was the most convicting. In the first…