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A Review: "Touching the Sky" by Tracie Peterson

"Touching the Sky" by Tracie Peterson is the second book in the "Land of the Lone Star" series. This book features the story of Laura Marquardt, a strong and independent Southern woman, and Brandon Reid, a captain in the Union army. The Civil War is over and the nation is slowly being reunified. However, there are plenty of Confederate supporters for whom the war is not yet over.

Despite the Marquardt family's support of the Union, Laura's younger sister, Carissa, makes a hasty decision to marry a Confederate soldier, Malcolm Lowe, which results is disastrous consequences for all involved. Malcolm is being investigated by the army for murder and conspiracy, spearheaded by Brandon Reid. A chance meeting leads to courtship with Laura, who assists him with his investigation.

A side storyline is Laura's desire to help freed blacks learn to read. She longs to help them gain an education to help better themselves in their newfound freedom. Laura begins by tea…

A Review: "Mondays With My Old Pastor" by Jose Luis Navajo

"Mondays With My Old Pastor" by Jose Luis Navajo is Navajo's story of finding rejuvenation for ministry through visits with his old pastor. Navajo was burned out on ministry, tired and discouraged. He was questioning even whether he was truly called to pastor a church. At this point, his wife gently suggested that he contact his old pastor. Navajo did just that, and he began meeting with his old pastor (whose name we are never given). His old pastor was a man who pastored the same church for 55 years and was married to his wife for 60 years, until his death. He was a man of tremendous wisdom who passed it on to Navajo, and Navajo blessed readers with the wisdom of his old pastor in this book.

Granted, the book is aimed more at pastors or other leaders in the church, but the principles in this book transcend to apply to the lives of every believer. The old pastor gives us fifteen principles to live by. The wisdom contained in this book is overflowing. I loved the messages…